A Message From Your Principal

Welcome to Oakwood Public School! My name is Mrs. Shelita Walker and I am excited to be the principal of our small community-focused school. Oakwood PS is an active and caring place with a strong sense of community. I strongly believe that 'it takes a village to raise a child' in order to provide the necessary skills and experiences children need to be successful both academically and social-emotionally. At Oakwood PS, we welcome working in conjunction with families and community services to support our children. As a strong advocate for equity and inclusive education. I believe that all children have a place in our school and should see themselves positively represented and honoured in their learning and school experience. They should also learn and appreciate the differences that exist in others.

At Oakwood PS, like all schools, families send their children to school with the desire that they will be treated with respect and dignity and able to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. And, like most schools, we know that conflicts among children can occur. Sometimes it's a minor conflict, easily resolved and other times there are challenging behaviours that impact how safe and comfortable a child can feel. "Kids do well if they can" is the core belief of child psychologist and author, Ross W. Greene, PhD. In understanding the underlying factors that contribute to challenging behaviours, we are better able to not only support our students, but equip them with valuable skills and strategies to help them manage effectively. Our committed staff work diligently every day to ensure that all students can feel safe.

If you are new to our community, we welcome you! You are part of a diverse community of wonderful families, a team of supportive and caring staff, and a strong network of volunteers who provide a variety of opportunities to extend and expand each child's school experience.

Welcome to Oakwood!

Shelita Walker, Principal